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Hej Hej….

Is anyone out there as HAPPY as I am that Easter is freaking OVER!!!!!!. It has been by far the most boring 4 days of my fucking life in a very long time. Easter is good if you have a bunch of friends and family around OR if you are parents with little kids. Aside from that, no offense… its extremely boring. Why is it boring? it has nothing to do with the meaning of easter or the fact that people go to church and stuff, its BORING because for the rest of the world who are muslim, OR who live in a place far from friends and family, it can get extremely boring when ALL… I MEAN ALL store and everything in-between is closed. In Los Angeles I was okay with it, cuz I worked and had a life so the ONE day off was nice. Here in Barcelona they give people the luxury of FOUR days off. like wtf… thats a bit much… sorry to my Barcelona people.. I was born and raised in Sweden were posk (easter) was just as important but it was anything like how people in Barcelona celebrate it.

Anyway on to some make-up today. Todays look I decided to try that wet looking golden bronze look. I probably didn’t do that great of a job (lol) but I still liked the outcome. Ive been seeing lately that the wet bronzed look is in and all the makeup artists are doing it… and personally I fucking love it… but I wanted to try achieving that WITHOUT the shit tone of makeup where I look oily instead of glowing lol. So Here is what I got out of it and I will write down below the picture what I used… hope you like……

P.S thank god its Tuesday. Back to regular.

PPS. I don’t want anyone to get offended by my venting of easter.. Im near my period people if that makes a difference lol.

Make-up Details
Make-up Details Click on the picture to see….

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