Christian Louboutin

First of all let me share my excitement with you guys for a second… my clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, bed, furniture and all things amazing are FINALLY arriving this month in about two weeks. I went to ikea yesterday to find something nice to build in my shoe room to place all my shoes and purses on…. I found something but that shit was to heavy to carry and to walk to a taxi so I gotta go back and order it. I will share with you guys the finishes look as soon as its ready… BUT I am excited.

[Side news: I’ve had the worst four days ever and that is why I haven’t been writing. I flew my two tiny dogs in from LA to Barcelona and for three days I had to go back and fourth dealing with them because ONE little date issued by the Vet was incorrect. Therefore, I had to ship them back and redo their paper work and send them back again… If anyone is sending their pets to Spain I will help you with what needs to be exactly done I have literally become a professional customs analysts and a professional cryer these past few days….. I liked Spain but I am slowly growing cold to all their stupid polices and regulations and tax fees for even farting. ok so just wanted to share]

SOOOO… CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN….. my love for his shoes are endless. I must admit though.. I used to like his shoes much much better before every single person in the planet got a pair and killed it. ***just keeping it real*** I see girls who can’t even afford to pay their bills taking pics with them on… girls do not do that…… okay anyways before I start getting hated on I did mention this blog is nothing but pure realness.

Any who, I still love his shoes. They aren’t exactly the most comfortable but they are definitely some sexy as fucking heels. They just make my little heart happy. These particular heels, well booties, are probably one of my favorite pair. They are extremely comfy (which is rare for louboutins) and they are not to difficult to walk in. They go great with skinny jeans and with a pencil skirt or dress. I will start taking more OUT FIT OF THE DAY pics with a full head to toe look once I get my shit.. or else I will be taking pics of the same 5 outfits everyday hahahahaha… (wait thats actually not funny).


This pic is a bit dark but here I am wearing them with a Pencil skirt and since the booties are the perfect hight it doesn’t make it look weird like some shoes do.



P.S Here is a pic of my soon to be shoe, purse, and working room. I will be doing more youtube videos once all my desk and supplies arrive and I have a place aside from the floor to sit on and work from with the proper lighting.

PPS. If you guys have any cool ideas or something you think might look good in my closet help me out Id love to hear you’re thoughts.


Its. bigger than this but I suck at taking pictures from a full angel and the panorama pic looks horrible lol….