Dear Friends… I just went over the new Chanel SS15 collection and man there are somethings on there that I added to my list of things I must buy… Like A S A P. They have some beautiful blue colors and yellow colors. Typically I stick to black, cream or navy colored bags just because they can be worn all year round and its not so fucking complicated to mach you’re outfit… cuz we all know we have thrown all the shit we collect in our bags on our beds and squeeze it all back into another bag JUSTTTT so it matches out outfit. To avoid such problems and such stress in my life [lol yes the struggle is real] I simply just buy neutral or black colored bags. HOWEVER…. once in a while when my eye catches a beautiful pink or red or blue or green or orange color… I have to buy it. (They do come in handy during summer). So any who…. as I was saying I checkout out Chanel’s SS15 collection and because I am A REAL CHANEL LOVER… I wanted to share some of their collection that I wanted to purchase and thought was beautiful.

LoL…. I must say tho.. there are a few bags I saw as well that I made that funky face at my laptop screen… you know the face you make when you smell something really funky or when someone on the street just looks like a clown lol… well thats exactly the face I made. Fortunately for you guys.. I will be sharing those pics with you guys as well… because I just found it unfair that I had so witness such ugliness and stand alone. lol. This is probably more of a “what you should get” vs. “what you should stay away from”. SPEND YOURE MONEY WISELY PEOPLE… FUCK!!!!!!

Ok before I post anything… me being me.. I have to add a disclaimer for those who will view this and think wait what the f**** I think those ugly bags are beautiful. Well to those people… I am just speaking based off of my own personal taste. If you love something rock it (I wouldn’t recommend it though haha jk). To each their own… ****** lol******

Amazingness… the fist two are my absolute favs
chanel I WANT
chanelchanel large flap bagchanel messenger bag

Stay away from these lol 

chanel ewchanel uglychanel wtf ugly

Ps. Like wtf is this last one… is this fo real!!!????!!? I can make that lol