#sotd (shoe of the day) hehe


GUYYYYYYSSSSS…. remember those Zara sandals I posted about a week or so ago.. well I finally got a pair AND its been pretty warm and sunny the past two or three days here in Barcelona sooooooo I figured to day I whip out my amazing fucking sandals.

The sandals seriously look like they cost me a fortune. And with the right polish color and tan and outfit, you are good to go. [note: I currently have neither of those going on but the excitement of how amazing these look on forced my soul to capture it].

So these are oddly hard to find… if you can’t find them at the store I suggest you order them. These are a size 37 and fit true to size. Like seriously people.. whoever said you needed to spend a fortune on some shoes to look like a million bucks is a fucking idiot.

PS. I know I am extremely white folks. lol

PPS. I saw some other sandals at Zara yesterday when I went for my walk and I tried them on and didn’t get that satisfaction feeling. However I want you’re guys opinion… to buy? or not to buy? (hahaha)

IMG_3520 IMG_3516 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519