OKAY…I have already expressed my L O V E for Zara and if for any reason I wasn’t clear enough or you are a new follower… let me say it again I FUCKING LOVE ZARA WOOOOWOOOOO it just makes me happy haha. I walk into a designer store and think okay let me pick one or MAX two things I love and walk out… bbbbbuuuutttt, in Zara I can get whatever I want because typically ONE… just one purse amounts to like 20-50 items of clothing. FOR REAL!!!! So yesterday I walked into Zara and I thought “wow they are moving up in the world”. Their new shoe collection is sooooo nice, it legitimately looks like a designer shoe but its affordable and its Zara. [which btw who gives a fuck, if you love it and it makes you smile, buy the damn thing]

I wanted to show you guys.. I took some pictures in the store yesterday but they didn’t come out as clear, considering in Spain the Zara store is like a damn Zoo… like a million people in one store lol. Therefore I took them from their website…

oh btw…. I finally got those lace up sandals I posted a few days ago.. #happybitchrighthere

PS. Brown heels is EVERYTHING.


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