Todays fashion… so in about two or three weeks I am traveling again with my husband to go do some shopping. Even though Spain (barcelona) has a few stores it doesn’t compare to a place like Paris… shopping capital of the world. Any who.. I haven’t purchased purses for quit some time now and I typically always buy Chanel because I just think their things are timeless. I also like Givenchy but they all look the same. I actually like a lot of bags but my least favorite that I own thus far is Celine. I have a few of them and THEY ARE SOOOO HEAVY… you know that heavy that leaves a huge red mark on your arm as if someone had tried to kidnap you type shit…lol. So this time I will probably buy Louis Vuitton. I love their bags. Ive had some of mine for years and years and they are still amazing and some I just got which are filled with amazing leather quality which I look for in a bag. I like the more basic models for LV though.. here are some I had in mind that I wanted to pick up when I go….

lv1 lv2 lv4

PS. This red last red one I am obsessed with and must get…how fudging amazing is it!!!!!!!!!