Hey guys… so about that diet… I did really well yesterday and walked to the gym, worked out and walked back. (walking distance is about 30min up hill). I HAVE LOST ALMOST 2 POUND ALREADY!.


Breakfast: Blk Bread toast with almond butter and organic cranberry jam. 1 yogurt and coffee.

Lunch: Quinoa Oatmeal with cranberry and almond. I used skinned milk and added fresh banana and blueberries.

Instead of dinner I had a bag of popcorn (no butter, lightly salted) with a detox tea.

Through out the day I also had 8 glasses of water and in one cup I added two table spoons of chia seeds.

Weight today: 110.6 Yahooo

WHO ELSE IS GETTING READY FOR SUMMER…. lol.. fucking hateeeeeeeeeeee the process!!!1


P.S I purchased these Nikes in Paris and I LOVE THEM. So comfortable and light… like I’ve said before I am obsessed with work out clothes.. even though they all look exactly the same and I don’t wear colored worked out leggings and they are all balck, I STILL BUY IT. FML!!!!!! I need to donate some stuff