I wanted to do a blog about my FUCKING WEIGHT. I feel like if I share it with you guys I will be more determined to get into shape. Once upon a time (two months ago lol) for a few years I was very healthy and into my weight. I almost became upsets with what the scale said… which I know is horrible. After I moved form Los Angeles two months ago I traveled to Sweden, Paris and now I live in Barcelona Spain for the next 14 months. In this process I have put on SIX pounds. I keep waking up and saying “TODAY IS THE DAY…” andddd then I get hungry haha… okay so Im pretty sure I don’t stand alone on this topic. Its like every girl and boys problem. So lets solve it together. I am as of today (lol “today”) no really, as of today going to maintain a healthy diet and lose that SIX fugging pounds that I have gained. I will keep you guys posted and if you are looking to go down a few pounds… join me and share with me tips and tricks and you’re journey. I feel the more are a part of the process the greater the success.

My current weight is: 112 pounds.

Goal weight is: 105 pounds.

Before you anyone starts judging, for me 112 is a bit much. I know people look at me and think this girl is fucking out her mind, she’s already skinny, but I am not firm skinny I am fat skinny if that makes sense lol. Regardless everyone has a goal and a way they like to look and at 105-107 pounds is where I feel most comfortable. Plus… my pants are not really on the same page as  my ass and waist these days so I always think instead of buying new jeans just lose the weight and get back into you’re old pair….sheeeeet. I will update everyone on my process and you guys do the same.