Hey my lovely beautiful people. Today I was originally going to talk about the wide leg trend but it seems kinda boring even though I am soooooooo excited… WOOP WOOP. Okay had to get that off my chest lol. So, shoes…. a few months ago I purchased the Givenchy screw heel in black and brown pony hair and sued.. and I absolutely love them and still do [side note: when I get all my stuff shipped I will start adding pictures of my clothes that I am talking about and share it with you guys of course]. These heels are surprisingly extremely comfortable. I was watching other fashion bloggers at the Givenchy show this year [ummm…jealous] and I saw the new collection and I DIED. The new boots and thigh highs are A M A Z I N G. I cannot wait to get my hands on those things. I will say though, typically I don’t do thigh high boots cuz I just feel like I look like a complete hooker hahah like fo real..right!!?? I know I am not the only one! I guess it depends how you wear it haha.

These are the new pair that I JUST MUST HAVE. What do you guys think of them…

Givenchy screw heel Givenchy givenchy2

PS. How amazing is that Givenchy dress (second picture). Fucking love it!!!!!!