Hey guys, once again to everyone who celebrated Eid, Happy new year.

Okay back to business… the serious stuff… FASHION. aka the air I breath. A few blogs ago I mentioned pairing pricy things with affordable things to make an all together amazing look. However, I must admit I loveeeeeee L O V E Valentino. I would wear his clothes all day everyday if that was possible lol. He is my absolute favorite designer “for clothes” and let me share why. Majority of fashion designers make collections that are very amazing and fabulous and over the top. Unless you’re a celebrity or going to Paris or Milan fashion week, who really wears those things on a daily basis. Yes, I know the runway collection is couture.. however the collection on line is just the same. Now don’t get me wrong I have plenty of Chanel hanging in my closet or a $7,000 Victoria Bekham dress but I have yet to wear either one of them. That is exactly my point… Its hard to wear such amazing couture dresses on a daily basis so its just sitting in my closet waiting to be worn. BUTTTT Valentino, ahhhh yes… I have many of his dresses as well and let me tell you they are ALL wearable on a daily go. Yes they are expensive but you can wear it with cute sandals to the mall or out to lunch with friends, take the sandals on switch to heels and go to dinner. They are comfortable, extremely fashionable and fucking nice. You will feel like a million dollars in them thats for sure. THAT IS WHY I LOVE VALENTINO.

P.S. Their heels are probably the most comfortable heels I have every purchased and worn as well. Not exactly my favorite brand for heels but man they are made with the woman’s foot in mind.. LOVE

P.P.S. Who else is as excited about the wide leg pant coming back into fashion as I am. YASSSSS!!!!  I must do a blog on it.

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