Okay one thing I need to share with you guys… I fucking LOVE eating lol and to eat good stuff I have to cook… also I have a husband I need to feed haha. I must admit though, I absolutely love to cook and come up with my own crazy fun creations. I cook a lot of swedish dishes (granted I am from there and love their food) and I also cook a lot of persian dishes because I am persian as is my husband.

NOTE: IF YOU HAVENT TRIED PERSIAN FOOD……DO IT, ITS AMAZING!!!! I really enjoy all foods. Some of my favorite aside from Swedish and Persian is Indian (YUM), any kind of Asian foods and of course Mexican food. There is so many more but this blog post will become endless if I go on.

Anyway… so in my house on tuesdays I try to keep tradition… TACO TUESDAY wooop wooooop… We love tacos. Even though I don’t eat meat… I make him steak and substitute it with beans for myself. In Spain I haven’t had much luck finding the Mexican things needed such as hard shell tacos. I took it upon myself to buy some roundish looking baking pans and I greased it a bit, tucked the tortilla in there and shoved it in the oven for about 5 min… VAAALLLAH.. hard tostada bowl created. It was amazing and I totally out of hunger fucked up… forgot to take a pic lol.

What this blog was really about three paragraphs later haha… what I ended up doing with the left over taco shells I made. So instead of throwing them away, I added two big spoons of Nutella, two cut fresh strawberries, half a sliced banana and lastly crumbled biscuit crumbs on top. Place oven on 400 and leave it in there for about 10 minutes for the strawberries and bananas to really soften and soak into the Nutella. Take it out let it sit for 2 minutes and eat however you wish. If I wasn’t watching my weight A LITTLE haha I would add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and eat it like that, instead I folded it and ate the delicious creation.


P.S. The picture does not do it justice. I promise. lol

Sincerely: Self Certified Chef

Finished product