Here is a quick lip liner tutorial. So I don’t understand how these professional makeup artists that make mini tutorial videos on their instagram page are so good at it… because clearly I suck at it. I try so hard to find good lighting lol there must be a special light or something they use and like a camera stand instead of holding it with one hand like an idiot (like me) and trying to tape with the other hand…. very difficult fast. #thesturggleisrealpeople

P.S I love to use lipliner as a full lipstick look. Why? well for one it stays on ALLLL day because its so much thicker it doesn’t smudge or get on you’re teeth which is amazing. You can smile with confidence. lol Secondly I love the matt look. Ive never been a fan of Gloss, especially because my lips are pretty plump and big as is… I think the matt look is way sexier and I just think gloss on my big lips is borderline stripperish. lol (sorry to my strippers just keeping it real).

Oh and PPS. I just got word that my shit has been shipped and is on the sea being sailed to me. HAAAALLLEEEHHH LUUUYYAAAA . So so so excited to really dig into my fashion sense and give you guys a taste of my fabulous life.