As you guys can see, if you haven’t already noticed I am middle eastern. I am Persian (full), born and raised in Sweden. Fortunately for me I genetically received my mothers beautiful thick long lashes. I typically always get compliments on how long they are and for some ODD reason I was stupid enough to follow social media and an implanted idea my friend had to get lash extensions. So, on my travels to Sweden I decided to get my lashes fixed. I am very grateful I went to a really good place because God knows Ive seen some fucked up shit on line….phewww… I went in and as I laid down the lady looked at my lashes and said “you have really nice lashes already are you sure you want to get them done” and of course the DETERMINED person that I am lol, I got them done. The first two weeks was heaven Im not even gonna lie. I loved them. Literally an “I woke up like diss” moment. Long story short had them in for a good three weeks and started to realize my lashes kept falling off every time I would wash my face (even though I was super careful). Once I got to Spain I went right away and got them removed by a professional. People….. I left with tears in my eyes. My eye lashes legit looked like roach legs. It was horrible. I am so passionate about telling people NOT TO DO IT because it fucks your own shit up big times. It took me a good month and a half with amazing care of applying oils and hair growth products for them to grow back to their natural state. THANK GOD.

GIRLS….. don’t get them. WEAR FAKE LASHES and take that shit off at the end of the night. You are better off.

P.S With lash extensions you can’t even wear liquid liner or mascara and God knows I can’t live without my mascara.


SECOND PIC: DURING LASHES- lash extensions

THIRD PIC: RIGHT AFTER LASHES- two days after lashes were taken off

FOURTH PIC: NOW!!!!!- my own lashes



Ps. Sorry if the pics are a bit blurry!!!!!