Today I speak about hats. It might just be a “hat” to some but to most fashionistas its never JUST a hat. A good hat can make any simple outfit look extremely put together, classy, and rich. Some hats make an outfit even more simple but adds that accessory touch. Other hats are just worn simply because you haven’t washed you’re hair for a few days now lol or because you just don’t know what to do with the hat you got a year a ago and have been planning on wearing it everyday for the past year. LOL. Well if any of you are a little like me… that last reason is why I wore this hat. The hat is from ZARA of course and honestly I can’t believe I spent $60 dollars on it haha, maybe thats why the guilt told me to wear it. Okay, I HATE hats. Like fucking hate with a passion. Why? Well for one it just doesn’t feel right on my head and is uncomfortable to me. Two I just feel like everyone is starring at me thinking, “look at this bitch thinking she’s all cool n’ shit” lol, and three my outfits are so put together and amazing as is that a hat usually for me over does it….oh andddddddd when you feel like taking the hat off for a short while it has already turned you’re forehead red with probably a pimple growing now and has left a weird shape and indent in you’re hair. For those reasons, hats are not my friend.. and I guess since I spent money on it BECAUSE YOU KNOW IN THE STORE…. when you try something on, like a HAT, it looks soooooooooo hot and nice on so you buy it thinking fuck YAH I am totally gonna rock this…. lol (but never do).

So I wore this hat for point 5 seconds. Got into the car drove a mile took that shit off and tied my hair back up like a normal person lol.

How do you feel about hats????

P.S. I feel like big hats should only be worn by the beach, by the pool (on a vacation), or in a fashionable city that is snowing. Bada Bing Bada Boom.

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