Can I just say its taken me a FULL month of taking care and oiling my eyelashes to get them back to their normal self!!!! Like I am going to do a long blog post tomorrow about lash extensions. I am very passionate about this topic because I can’t believe I let social media make my dumb choices for me sometimes…. grrrrr… when my own damn lashes are fucking A M A Z I N G. LoL um conceited, no just honest. So tomorrow I will post a with lash extensions, right after they were off and now.. just to show you guys how scary it is once they come off and why you’re better off never getting them. Anyway thats tomorrow I m just getting to excited over it already!!!

Today I wear all black. Nothing shocking lol. I am I the only person who wears work out clothes, nike leggings, black baggy shirt and my nike sneakers to just go out and run errands. That is my go to outfit for everyday all day whenever I don’t feel like dressing up. So out of boredom I took some pictures of what my work out/ errand outfit looks like… what does yours look like?

IMG_2977 IMG_2976

P.S yes I am sleeping and sitting on the damn floor until my bed arrives OUCH!!!  like the back pain from my period wasn’t bad enough… the floor makes everything so much worse. FML shipment hurry!!!!

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