Posted this makeup look I did yesterday on my Instagram. If you want all the details of what I used and in which order to use it in go check out my Instagram page (link in menu) and see it for yourselves. Btw, I equally love makeup as much as I love fashion. I have always been artsy so I love using my face to paint on lol (guys are probably like “wtf…..”). So like clothes, I like paring my expensive products with drug store products, which in my opinion sometimes work much better then the “brand” name product I have. Go take a look people……

oh and P.S. I typically contour and highlight my face using powder products only. Unless I am really trying to cake that shit on and am going to like a night club, which is hardly ever.

P.P.S. The more powder over cream products you use the less glossy you’re face remains throughout the day.

IMG_2910 IMG_2903

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