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Yes…. Hello, how cute. No not my white, no lotion, twiggy legs…. Im talking about this outfit lol. Okay.. so this is my kind of look. I love the simple overalls kind of look. I mean, the day I realized overalls are coming back into style I seriously jumped for joy (SERIOUSLY). Of course being the thoughtful person that I am helping invest in Zara since the billion dollar company is doing so poorly, I bought the look. lol. May I also add that Zara in Spain since its originated here, is a bit cheaper than Los Angeles Zara. This makes me happy. Anyway… I got this yesterday so go in and get yours also. Its super airy (for summer), and super comfy. I cannot wait till SUUUMMMMMER, or at least till it gets hot over here. Mean while LA is at HELL temperatures. The world is unfair I tell ya’. [Side note: my socks are a bit big so I had to roll them and that is why its highlighter yellow around it… don’t judge haha].

P.S when I actually wear the outfit all put together I will of course post a full detailed look. The back of this is super cute. I forgot to take a pic and I sure as hell don’t feel like getting my ass up to try it all on again to take a pic, so its gotta wait. hehe