Hello blog world. I cannot begin to say how annoyed I am that my stuff is still being shipped. Its like leaving a child behind and knowing you won’t see them for months……… lol…. just kidding that was pretty drastic of a comparison… or was it!!!???!! Sooo… I really still don’t have my things set and organized so my blogs are pretty much day to day for now of exactly what I am taking pictures of.

I just love mixing clothes and changing things up sometimes. [Side note: please tell me I am not the only person in the world who has a color coordinated closet that is super neat and when it comes time to pick an outfit my entire closet ends up on the floor and on my bed AND…. 54 outfits later you’re just standing looking at instagram…. ending up wearing the first outfit you tried. Once in the middle of the mess of clothes I made I laid down and watched the entire Victoria Secret Fashion show on youtube on my phone lol, loser status I KNOW FML]. <— at least I got to skip through the boring ass commercials lol<—-

Okay, here is my last years birthday outfit. I don’t really go all out for my birthday so this is it people.

P.S. I tried to incorporate some color into my black and white life. lol


OUTFIT DETAILS: American Apparel body suit and skirt,Louis Vuitton makeup bag I use as a clutch, Christian Louboutin Shoes

Sister is wearing: Zara shirt, American Apparel Skirt, Jimmy Choo Shoes


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