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Good morning… (well to my side of the world). Okay so was hearing a lot of good things and some bad things about the glow mask. I typically try to stay away from any kind of mask because the second it comes off I see a million mini breakouts that probably turn into pimples overnight. (Don’t you just hate it when you go to sleep with good skin and you’re happy and wake up with two fresh forming pimples…like FML). Point is, I have oily skin and it is extremely sensitive. Best face remedies for me thus far has just been using plain dial soap and a moisturizer that firms my skin. Btw… in my pictures if you can see my face looks like it has been receiving botox for a while now, however I have never gotten botox (YET) because this freaking moisturizer I use does the trick for me. Fills in all the lines, removes dark spots and tightens the skin. I will share that product with you guys if you’re interested. So anyways back to the Glow mask… so I got the white tiny, itty, bitty bottle and I took a chance and tried it. Hmmm how to I rate this… well the minute I took it off my face still felt gross but the morning after I had a really nice soft glow to my face. That only lasted that morning. My forehead broke out after in tiny bumps which I am still working on getting rid of so if anyone has good ideas or facials I can get comment below. -Glow mask didn’t work for me personally, might work for others but for my oily sensitive skin it wasn’t that great. I am assuming it works much better on dry skin types with bigger pores. Anywho… I took some pictures of what it looks like when it dries.. granted YOU CANT MOVE YOUR FACE ONCE IT DOES DRY.

P.S for the cost of that itty bitty bottle I would’ve gotten a cute top from Zara pshhhh.

IMG_1701 IMG_1702

Oh and PPS. this is when I had my lash extensions on which will be a great topic for me to talk about next. I will share why it is the WORST idea anyone came up with and why I felt like a dumb ass for even trying them out. [no shade to those who love them, just my real honest opinion].