My Fashion

Is anyone else sad they didn’t get to go to Fashion week in Paris??? So many beautiful clothes from Balmain to Lanvin to Dior etc…etc. One can dream right lol!!!! So anyway.. the look I am sharing today is pretty basic..literally. I typically wear heels to everything all day everyday, but sometimes I gotta be human and be comfortable as well. PLUS, here in Barcelona… wearing heels down the street to walk around in is equivalent to walking around butt ass naked. People here are so amazed by a well dressed person (since its not common here) that I kid you not… I get a million looks a day and completely stand out when I go for a walk. WEIRD!!! I am not to sure I like that about this place. In Los Angeles its so normal because everyone and their moms are walking around in wedges or heels all stylish and shit… lol but here man.. my husband was telling me looks like you’re going to have to sell all your Louboutins. lol*** -you can only imagine the look I gave him- haha. Look of the day!!!! Enjoy


OUTFIT DETAILS: Balmain Jeans, Valentino rock stud Sandal, Zara shirt