Okay… so Makeup. I f*&^**$ love makeup. I am not exactly a makeup artist, but I love trying new products, ESPECIALLY mascaras. Mascara is the white to my rice lol, literally. So my favorite mascara is Fiber lash…why? because it really does work and makes the lashes so damn long. I just moved to Spain so until all my makeup and clothes and shoes arrive (fml), I am stuff purchasing the smaller things… you know the necessities. Yesterday I got the new benefit roller lash and I am pretty impressed. It really does give a small curl to the lashes and lengthens them. However, I did try them as the primary mascara and it sucked. You have to use it on top of another normal mascara for you to really see the difference, but when you do its pretty great.

P.S I just took my lash extensions off about two weeks ago. Can I just say that getting them to begin with was the dumbest idea ever. GIRLS, DO NOT DO IT. I had pretty long and thick lashes to begin with. When I went and got them removed (removed them because every day a few were falling off with my lashes on them, so I got scared) I barely had any lashes left. They were so short and ugly it seriously looks like roach feet lol. No but really!!!!! It’s been two and a half weeks and it’s slowly growing back but it’s seriously not even worth it.

P.P.S Be happy with what you have, it’s usually the better route.

P.P.P.S Btw with lash extensions you don’t have the luxury of applying liners or shadow or mascara. It’s fun the first few days then it gets boring and old. Ok now I am done!!!!! Enjoy