Beauty Products…

Can we all agree that picking a nail polish is hard work. Why is it hard work you ask? Well for one it takes on average about 25 minutes to pick a color. Standing there to see if you already have a similar color so its not a waste of money and waste of excitement, or if there is simply 15 color choices and your like me and look at every color 5 times a million times until you finally pick one. And of course once you pick one, you take a few steps forward and find a whole new section full of colors lol. Seriously people…. the struggle IS REALLY real. Well anyway… I bring this up because I must admit I love my weekly mani pedis but ever since I moved from LA, until I find a nail tech here I like, I have been letting my nails remain naked…. yah I could I right!!!!!. I feel the same way. Today I finally bought a few colors. Typically I like dark colors and sometimes the light blush colors. Today I got one OPI blush pink color (which made my hands look dirty lol) and I got a no brand cheap hunter green color. Personally, Ive always liked OPI BUT… I’ve been realizing that sometimes the cheaper (much cheaper) brands work better and have a much richer color to it. (same thing applies to makeup but Ill get into that later). So ladies and probably ladies here is a debut of my mani done and supplied by yours truly.

P.S. I would totally recommend the color and brand but it has nothing on the bottle and it only cost me 2 euros… which is $2.22 STEAL